I was lying there in the neuro ICU listening to all the beeps and whooshes...  

Right after aneurysm surgery, I was making deals with God.  "If you take me now, thank you for my amazing life. And if I live, please make my purpose clear." That's when I heard the children's voices. Clear and loud. They were all around my hospital bed saying...

"Tell our stories. Tell our parents how we feel. Remind them of what it is like to be a kid." I listened and I cried. Then as soon as my brain began to heal, I began to write what the children shared with me. I continue to listen to them every day. And I feel compelled to share these insights with you and every mom. 

Over my career I have been an advertising agency creative director, owned my own ad agency, been a purpose coach for business leaders, spoken across the country and authored two books. But understanding what our children wish we knew has become my life's calling.

For a decade I interacted with thousands of sick children as "Jumpin' Jackie", a DJ on Radio Lollipop at Texas Children's Hospital. These kids had a profound impact on me. They demonstrated grace and clarity in the face of pain, fear and uncertainty. They are my heroes.
The children led me to create:

UNPUSH Parenting

A guide to flipping the script on parenting.

There are three recurring messages we reflexively PUSH onto our kids. We believe these missives will help our children become happy, successful adults.

But it is actually the other side of this advice,
our UNPUSH guidance, that truly encourages our children to lean into their full potential.
Scroll down to read the following declaration.
Does it describe who you wish to be as a parent?
Does it resonate with you as a mom?
If you say yes, you are ready to dive in! 
If you are not sure what this is about or what it could mean for your family, come stick your toe in the water and check it out. Your kids will thank you.

Join a community of wonderful moms who are learning to better connect with our children and achieve greater family harmony. 
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